Cabbage Soup Diet Reviews – Is This Diet for Me?


Are you are a frequent dieter who has battled the pounds for many years? Like me, you may even have your own library of diet books but it does not matter.

Recently you have been working out, trying to lose about 10 pounds for a special event and you need a quick and reliable diet solution. Ah! Yes! How about the Cabbage Soup Diet?

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a high fiber/low-fat diet which is ideal if you have 10 pounds to lose. This can be accomplished in one week on the diet. It can be a great kick-start if you have more weight to lose, however, but you must only follow the diet for one week, and then change to a more moderate diet for the next two weeks before you do another round. Be sure to follow the faithfully, do not allow yourself to get hungry, and eat plenty of soup because of the more you eat, the more weight you should lose.

Even though The Cabbage Soup Diet abounds with nutritious veggies and fruit, it has very low fat content and is also minimal in complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals. You can prepare your soup in famous electric soup maker over the world. It is not recommended for children or teens. It would be very wise to take a good multivitamin any time you are following The Cabbage Soup Diet.

Though The Cabbage Soup Diet isn’t easy it really works and it is so very motivating since you will lose a lot of weight quickly while following the diet for seven days. You will also be so encouraged by the results that you will be much more likely to stick faithfully to the more moderate diet you embark on afterward; giving you an additional reward! Enjoy your special event, slimmer one!